Core Facilities

Center for Chemical Genomics

The Center for Chemical Genomics provides high-throughput screening facilities allowing researchers to assess biological target activity by testing large libraries of compounds, siRNA, and natural product extracts.

Contact information

High-throughput screening: Martha Larsen,, (734) 763-2340
MScreen database questions: Renju Jacob,, (734) 615-0338
Administrative: Rebecca Epstein,, (734) 615-9317

Center for Structural Biology

The Center for Structural Biology provides 3-D images from X-ray crystallography to reveal the structures of drug targets and drugs bound to targets; the lab also optimizes conditions to produce target proteins for use in research.

Contact information

Protein purification, macromolecular crystallization and crystallography and x-ray: Jeanne Stuckey,, 734.647.7534
High throughput protein lab: Clay Brown,
Administrative: Rebecca Epstein,, (734) 615-9317

Vahlteich Medicinal Chemistry Core

The Vahlteich Medicinal Chemistry Core designs and synthesizes small molecule compounds to optimize their biological activity and drug-like properties.

Contact information
Scott Larsen, Director,, (734) 615-0454
Hollis Showalter, Co-Director,, (734) 764-5504

For information on computational tools and resources, contact Paul Kirchhoff at

Pharmacokinetics Core

The Pharmacokinetics Core helps to test and improve how new drugs will be absorbed by the body, distributed across different internal systems, and broken down, which will help to select best lead compounds; the lab also measures drug concentrations to support Phase I and II clinical trials for dose optimization.

Contact information

Duxin Sun, Director,, (734) 615-8740
Bo Wen, Core Manager,, (734) 615-3470